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Joining the Military

How to Join the Military

How to join the military can be confusing. There is a lot of information out there. How do you know what is right and wrong? The requirements are continuously changing. So, what was current last year is not current this year. A good example is the change in public law and Title VII. Women once were not able to hold combat jobs. Well, you know that has changed. The answer is you need one place to get the most accurate and compiling information on how to join the military. You want the best source of information without the high pressure sales tactic.


Reasons to Join the Military

There are many reasons to join the military. Just like there are people from different walks of life. The military is a direct reflection of our society.  So, the reasons for joining the military will widely differ. You know they can range from steady income, college money, insurance for the family, family tradition, and patriotic reasons just to name a few.  I want you to remember one thing during your decision making process. The purpose of the military is to provide for the common defense of the Nation. So, no matter, your reasons for wanting to join the military always remember that.


Before you Talk With a Recruiter

The job of a military recruiter is to recruit. It’s that simple. The primary mission of a recruiter is to put people into their respective service. The only thing a military recruiter can promise is an opportunity. They cannot promise anything more. The promises are made at the Military Entrance Processing Station, MEPS. I bet you didn’t know that recruiter’s don’t have disclosures requirements. That’s crazy I know. How do you know if you received the same information as the other people? The answer is you don’t know. You have to do extensive research before you talk with a recruiter. You have to research like a CIA agent.    


The Solution

Our service is unique.  We simplify how to join the military.  You receive the best and most complete information available. This enables you to make the best decision about joining the military. How this is accomplished is through many years of experience, your base knowledge, and our teaching system. The courses are a culmination of what we deemed should be required disclosure requirements for anyone joining the military. These courses are designed and developed from many sources.  These sources range from general information, public law, Title X, Title VII, interviews with people like you and more. Courses are taught in a virtual classroom which makes it easy to attend from anywhere in the world.  So enroll today in our ground breaking course, Military Service 101.

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"Knowing how to join the Military is as important as your reason for wanting to join. Know Before You Go..."  ~  Founder Eric Song